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At 2nd Chance Auctions and Estate Sales we value our commitment to our customers, clients, and planet. That's why we offer an environmentally friendly service. Instead of throwing your unwanted items in a dumpster we help recycle them by letting someone who can appreciate them purchase them. It's a win-win-win, they get good products at a great price, you get a check instead of a bill, and our planet gets a break from loading up our dumpsites and oceans. Giving your treasures and our planet a 2nd Chance.

Auctions (TX lic. # 18194)

Estate Sales

Do you have a house full of items that need a new home? Instead of paying someone to come and clean out a house of unwanted or unneeded treasures, let us give you a check and get a lot of the stuff moved for you. Plus instead of filling our landfills, you will be filling someone's heart with product that they will enjoy.

Real Estate Investments

So once we help you empty the house, then what do you do with the house? Well, we can help you there as well. 2nd Chance works with a whole network of Real Estate Agents, House Flippers and RE Investors. We can help move everything in the house, including the house. NOW with a TX Real Estate License I can sell your house ON or OFF the Market.

Hybrid Estate Sales/ Auction

2nd Chance Auctions and Estate Sales is the only company that combines these two powerhouse selling tools to get your best results.

After Sales Services

So what do you do with the items that don't sell after the Estate Sale/Auction. Most companies will shake your hand and wish you good luck. We provide further service by holding online auctions, garage sales, and other means to get as much product sold as possible.

Did you know?

Acting as an Auctioneer with out a license is a Class B Misdemeanor in the State of Texas; Punishable by up to 180 days in jail and up to $1000 fine. Even if it is on a voluntary basis! They may never find out, but all it takes is one person to have a complaint about how the auction was conducted and there will be a whole bunch of people in hot water. So PLEASE, if you are going to hold a Live Auction, hire a licensed Auctioneer.

We are licensed auctioneers in the Great State of TEXAS. With a license we are held to the highest of ethical and fiduciary standards by the TDLR. We perform Auctions to raise funds for private and non-profit organizations. Call us for details

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